FAQ - Do you offer a beginner’s vaping kit?

Yes, we do offer several beginner’s vaping kits. You can find them under New Users Starter Kit in the Vape Kits section on our website. 

Would I need a mod or a kit? 

If you do not own an e-cigarette, a vape kit is the best choice because it has the necessary components to start. Though, you will have to arrange for batteries and e-liquid as required. Choosing a starter kit will also be a more cost-effective option because the atomiser in this kit will work well with your mod. You can choose to buy only a mod if you already have an atomiser or if you wish to buy these items separately. It will give you a more expensive and higher-quality setup for vaping. 

What is salt nic? 

Salt nics are a variation of e-liquids. They are usually around 20mg in strength and are exclusively used in pod mods. It means they are used at a considerably lower wattage than regular e-liquids. Nic salts are designed to provide the vaper with a higher concentration of nicotine. However, they do not cause discomfort to the throat, which is usually associated with smoking high nicotine in regular freebase nicotine. 

What is a nic shot? 

E-liquids that contain nicotine cannot be legally sold in bottles larger than 10ml. This denotes that the larger bottles are nicotine free, and if they are not, then the item is illegal. Manufacturers now leave space in the e-liquid bottle so that you can add the nicotine after, and they sell these 10ml boosters separately. These boosters are called nic shots. If you add such a shot to a 60ml short-fill bottle, you will have 3mg of nicotine in the concoction. 

Are kits and pod mods different? 

A pod mod is a starter kit, but the difference lies in the use of e-liquids. A regular starter kit can use salt nics, but a pod mod does not come with the same features. A mod has lower power than a regular vape kit and is smaller. It also cannot handle the higher percentage of nicotine in the salt nics. Your pod mod will lack the power to absorb the higher concentration of nicotine and cannot offer the same hit as a regular vape kit. 

What is a short fill? 

A short fill is nicotine-free e-liquid in a bottle with spare space for adding the nicotine yourself. It can be used with or without nicotine, depending on your preference. At present, all short fills are nicotine free. 

What is an RTA/RDA? 

RTA/RDA is a rebuildable atomiser, meaning you have to build and install coils and wicking materials yourself before using them. These products are usually for advanced users and are not recommended for beginners. 

What is a sub-ohm tank?

A sub-ohm tank comes with a coil head and resistance below 1 ohm. It produces more vapour and creates a better and more flavourful vaping experience. These tanks are used with low nicotine e-liquid and a high VG percentage. They are also used with box mods because of the higher wattage requirement and better experience for the user. 

Why is my vape tasting burnt? 

If your vape is producing a burning taste, that means the coil is burnt out. This may happen due to multiple reasons. If there is insufficient e-liquid in the tank and you fire the mod, the coil will burn out. If the coil has degraded and clogged, it can happen. Changing the pod or the coil will solve the issue. For the best result, you should ensure that the wicks and new coils are properly primed. This way, they won’t burn out immediately. 

Is help available for me to make the right choice? 

For any assistance with your first vape kits in UK or the umpteenth, you can give us a call during our business hours or send us an email. We will help you make the right choice for the ultimate vaping experience. 

What types of vape devices are there? 

Vape UK and devices are designed to suit the needs and capacity of vapers at a variety of     different levels. From beginners to advanced to experts, there are suitable devices for everyone. For example, there are small and compact devices to handle high concertation of salt nics and there are large sub-ohm devices with dual and triple batteries. In short, there is something for everyone. Please check our vaping guide to learn more about these devices and choose the one you need. 

How often should I change the coil in my vaping device? 

You can change the coil in your vaping device as frequently as you like. There are certain signs which will indicate that it is time to change the coil. For example, if there is a considerable decrease in the flavour or the device has stopped working entirely, changing the coil is the first step and usually the right solution most of the time. With time and experience, you will be able to tell if the coil is working properly or not. A new coil may last anywhere between one to four weeks. 

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