Vape Guides

Before you begin vaping, you may have a lot of ideas and assumptions regarding the process. After reading through our guides, we hope you are then well equipped to make more informed decisions! For example, the first thing you will learn is that there are various devices and items you will need for vaping and how to care for them. As a beginner, you will require Vape Guides and advice from experienced people to ensure your vaping experience is a good one. This is where we step in! Caring for your vape kit will continue enhancing your vaping experience further and this guide will help you in doing so.

Below is a guide designed to assist your journey of vaping and propel you on your way to becoming a vaping master! It includes Vaping Top Tips and will help you enjoy your experience more and more. Some our best tips are: 

Priming the coil 

Before beginning vaping (or if you have changed the coil or tank), regardless of the type of apparatus you use, it is vital to prime the coil. 

If you use classic e-cigarettes, filling up the tank, assembling the rest of the device, and allowing the fully assembled device to stand for 5 – 10 minutes will prime the coil properly. During this time, the e-liquid will saturate the coil completely, and there won’t be any risk of dry-burning of the coil when you begin vaping. If you wish to speed up the process, you can draw on the tank without powering up the battery. It will help if you drag the e-liquid through the coil, though you should use a steady draw instead of quick and hard draws, as that won’t help the process. 

If you use Sub-Ohm devices, priming the coil will depend on the type of atomiser you are using. As a beginner, you can use the same technique as the classic e-cigarette, as mentioned earlier. For some other UK Vape models, you can drip the e-liquid directly onto the coil to hasten the process, though you have to be mindful of over-saturating the coil. There may be other options that you can find out by experimenting. Finding out what you like the best through trial and error will enhance your experience considerably. 

When do you need to change the coil? 

After using a coil for some time, you need to change it, but finding out when you should change the coil may be a little tricky in the beginning. The following points will help: 

  • If you find that the flavours of the e-liquid do not seem as potent as before, it is time to change the coil. 
  • The device is not producing as much vapour as before? This indicates a change of either coil or battery is in order. 
  • You may find the taste a bit off or harsh while vaping. Again, it will be a coil change needed.
  • The device may leak slightly, and that may be due to the coil being over-saturated. 
  • If you unscrew the coil and find the cottonwool peeking out and appearing very dark in colour, it is time to replace the coil. 

How to enhance your vaping experience? 

There are several Ways to Maximise Your Vaping Experience, and knowing about them will increase your enthusiasm for vaping further. These points are: 

For regular vaping: 

  • You should replace the coil as often as required. 
  • You should always keep the tank filled up to at least slightly above the “refill” line. 
  • You should always store the devices carefully and ensure no unnecessary pressure befalls, damaging the joints and causing leaks. 

For Sub-Ohm vaping: 

  • You should replace the coil as often as needed. 
  • The air-flow holes should be open for creating the maximum cloud. 
  • You should use MAX VG or high VG e-liquid for maximising flavour and cloud density. 
  • The wick should always be saturated. 
  • You should lower the wattage on a variable wattage device while using a new coil. You should do that for at least 10 – 20 draws. 

About battery life and charging 

Whether you are buying the products from our Vape Shop in Berkshire or somewhere else, to maintain healthy battery life, you should follow the below tips: 

  • The device should run down completely before being fully re-charged. A battery can be trained, similar to another device, to ensure and maintain optimum performance. You should ensure that the battery is being charged correctly. 
  • You should not charge a device for longer than four hours and not at all overnight. Doing so may overheat the battery and reduce the performance. 
  • The batteries should be charged with a PC, laptop, or a properly modified wall plug. Charging a battery through a regular wall plug may push too much power and harm the battery. 
  • While changing the coil, you should ensure that the connection points are dry and that there is no e-liquid on top of the battery. 
  • While charging the device, you should keep the battery locked or turned off. This will ensure that the battery is not damaged while charging. 

Please remember these points and guides when you are about to Order Online vape in UK. This will help in choosing the right device, e-liquids and more, ensuring your vaping experience is always a good one!