Vape Pen Kits Reading Guide: What Does The Light Colours Mean?

Vape Pen Kits Reading Guide: What Does The Light Colours Mean?

Posted by Variety E Vape on 3rd Jun 2024

In the last ten years, more people have started using vape pen kits in Reading. These pens are now the favourite choice for vaping wax when you're out and about.

For those who vape a lot, using a pen seems easy. But if you're new, it might be confusing.

You might wonder, "What's up with the blinking light on my vape pen? What do the different colours mean?"

We've made a simple guide to help you get what the lights on your vape pen mean. This will make vaping more fun for you.

We'll show you the Aspire PockeX vape pen kit from what we offer. Many vape pens work in similar ways, but always check the guide that comes with your pen. So, let’s find out how the lights work!

First Off, Some Of The Features Of Aspire PockeX

The Aspire PockeX vape pen kit doesn't have adjustable temperature settings or a variety of voltage settings. It has a single power level and is designed for a simpler vaping experience. However, here are some of the Aspire PockeX's features –

Easy to use - The PockeX is a great option for new vapers because it is straightforward to use and maintain

Leak-resistant design - The Aspire PockeX is known for being leak-resistant, which means you won't have to worry about e-liquid spilling out of the device

Built-in 1500mAh battery - The PockeX has a long-lasting battery that can provide a full day of vaping on a single charge

Top filling - The PockeX is easy to refill with e-liquid because the filling port is located at the top of the device

Replaceable coils - The PockeX uses replaceable coils, so you can easily swap out a used coil for a new one

What Do Colours Mean If Your Vape Pen Has An Indicator?

Typically, the light settings represent the manual temperature controls for a vape pen kit in Reading. Vape pen light colours vary greatly between brands and models.

Power & Battery Level

Green or Blue - Usually means the device is on and working properly

Flashing Green/Blue - Might indicate a short puff or unfinished draw

Solid Red or Flashing Red - Often means the battery is low and needs charging

Voltage/Temperature Settings (if applicable)

Red - Often the highest voltage or temperature setting for a stronger vape

Blue - Often the lowest voltage or temperature setting for a smoother vape

Green - Might be a middle voltage/temperature setting (not all pens have this)

Other Functions (depending on the pen)

Flashing White - Could indicate a loose cartridge or a need to check the coil

Multiple Colours Blinking - Might be a specific error code (consult the manual)

Is There A Temperature You Should Prefer?

Different Vape Settings For Different Tastes

Just like how some foods taste better when cooked at the right temperature, your vape materials also need the perfect heat to taste great. Some need a gentle warmth to keep their yummy tastes, while others need a bit more heat to get all the good stuff out.

Getting The Heat Just Right

The heat setting on your vape pen can make or break your vaping fun. It changes how it tastes, how strong it feels, and how much vapour you see.

Cool And Tasty

A cool setting on your vape pen kit Reading is perfect for savouring every bit of flavour. It's like a gentle breeze of taste, smooth and full. But remember, you won't see big clouds of vapour. If you love a soft and flavourful puff, keep it cool.

Just In The Middle

If you want a bit of everything, go for a middle-heat setting. It gives you enough vapour to see and keeps the taste just right. It's the best of both worlds, mixing all the good flavours and feels together.

Turn Up The Heat

For those who want to go big, a high heat setting makes thick clouds and a bold experience. But watch out, it might get a bit too strong, and the taste might change. If you're after a big impact, crank it up, but find the sweet spot where it still tastes good.

What To Do If Your Vape Light Is Blinking?

Is it hungry?

If your pen is blinking, the first guess is it might just need a charge! Plug it in like you would your phone and let it eat up all the power.

Feeling hot?

Sometimes, if you puff on your vape pen too much without giving it a break, it can get hot. If that happens, it might blink to tell you to take a chill pill (literally!). Set it down for a few minutes to cool off before trying again.

Is the connection wonky?

Make sure the tank screws on nice and tight to the battery part. If it's loose, tighten it up gently. If there's any gunk on the connection, clean it off with a cotton swab or soft cloth.

Is the coil tired?

If your pen keeps blinking even after trying the other things, the little thing that heats up the e-juice (called a coil) might be worn out. Try screwing in a new one and see if that fixes the blinking!

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