Vape Shop Woodley


Are you looking for your nearest vape shop in the Woodley area? The best vape shop in Woodley, Reading that prides itself on excellent customer service, super-fast delivery, and an incredible range of products? Then look no further than Variety Vape, located on Oxford Road, Reading.

 Variety Vape is pleased to serve customers from the Woodley area as well as the surrounding areas of Tilehurst, Pangbourne, Burghfield, Burghfield Common, Caversham, Wokingham, Earley, Calcot, Shinfield, Theale, and Southcote. We offer a fast delivery service (including next day and same-day delivery in selected areas), and we’re always looking to add new products to our already extensive range of products.

Why Choose Vaping?

We’ve set ourselves a mission: Convert as many smokers over to vaping as possible.

That’s a big goal, but we think we can do it!

If you’re trying to quit smoking and you’ve tried the patches and the gums, and it’s not working, it’s likely you’re missing the feel of a cigarette in your hands, and the very act of drawing and blowing. Many smokers cave because they miss the ‘feel’ of smoking, and that’s where vaping can help.

We sell a range of products aimed at the quitting and the ex-smoker, from smaller vapes to tobacco flavoured liquid and a range of nicotine levels to help you quit slowly. Vaping doesn’t leave a horrible taste, odour, or any staining, so you’ll get a lot of the benefits right away when you switch over!

Great Customer Service

Our second mission is to be the most helpful vape shop in the UK. Another big goal that we can definitely make!

From our closest vape shop to Woodley, in Reading, we offer a huge variety of vaping liquids and accessories, and we offer a range of delivery options for all of our customers. These options include fast delivery, next day delivery, and our fantastic same-day delivery service in selected areas.


Our mission of great customer service extends to stocking products that have a proven track record and products that our customers will love. We’re always after feedback for our product range, so if there’s something we don’t stock that you think we should, let us know and we’ll investigate!

Our E-Liquids Range

Vaping is all about the juice!

Whether you’re a strictly tobacco flavour vaper or you enjoy something a little bit different, we’ve got an e-liquid for you, but unlike traditional smoking, with vaping, you’re not just limited to tobacco or menthol!

We have all kinds of flavours, from fruity favourites, like raspberry, apple, and cherry, to famous sweets and candy, like Parma Violets, Lemon Sherbert, and Bubblegum.

If you’re not into the sweeter side of life, we also stock a range of menthol flavoured liquids, famous drink inspired liquids (including coffee!), and, of course, straight-up tobacco flavour for those of you who like the taste of tobacco or those of you wanting to make the leap from smoking to vaping a little easier.

We stock only premium e-liquids from top Riot Squad, Dinner Lady, Vampire Vape, Moreish Puff, Pacha Mama, Zeus, Breakfast Classics, Ruthless, IVG, Aisu, and many more.

Vaping Accessories

For the vaper, accessories are where it’s at! We stock a huge range of accessories for your vaping experience from bigger batteries, coloured holder, new tanks, coils, or wicks, to all of the excellent modding opportunities for your vape.


If you’re just getting into vaping and you’d like a well-priced kit that contains everything you need, we have a great selection to choose from. Our top brands include:


  • Innokin
  • Vaporesso
  • Smok
  • Uwell
  • Aspire
  • Voopoo
  • HorizonTech
  • Eleaf


This means we have everything to suit all types of vapers.

If you have any questions, then our friendly in-store staff will be able to help, so feel free to visit our vape shop near Wokingham if you want to learn about a new mod or simply need to get a replacement part.

Same Day Delivery

We’re really proud of our same-day delivery service because we know how annoying it is to be without your vaping supplies! When you order from our website, select same-day delivery and enter your location, we’ll deliver to you in a time frame of 90 minutes up to 2 hours, whether you’re at work, at home, or visiting with a friend.


Our same-day delivery service is available in the following locations: Earley, Caversham, Wokingham, Tilehurst, Whitley Wood, Shinfield, Woodley, Burghfield, Burghfield Common, Spencers Wood, Wallingford, Pangbourne, Theale, and Whitley.