Vape UK: 5 Common Vape Kit Problems & Troubleshooting Them

Vape UK: 5 Common Vape Kit Problems & Troubleshooting Them

Posted by Variety E Vape on 5th Sep 2023

As a beginner, you may only be concerned about vaping techniques and flavours. When your vaping experience grows, you'll start coming across certain problems with your vape UK kits.

Hey, problems don't mean you have to throw away your top vape UK kits! We can help you identify the problems and troubleshoot them effectively.

Vaping should be an easy and enjoyable experience - but sometimes things can go wrong, which can be pretty frustrating. You’ll be pleased to know that most vaping problems can be solved really easily. Yes, for that, here we are to the rescue.

We have put together this troubleshooting guide for the most common problems in vape UK.

Problem 1# Battery not working properly

In this case, there are four possibilities that you can try to fix.

1. Check if you have mistakenly pressed the power button

Check to see if you pressed the power button too frequently and turned it off. The vast majority of vape mods and batteries can be turned on and off by repeatedly pressing the firing button. Depending on the brand of battery, this could be 3, 5, or 6 times - consult your user manual for specifics.

2. Is it out of charge?

If you believe it needs charging, make sure you are using the right charger for your battery. Your battery will send you a signal to let you know that the connection has been made and that charging is underway.

3. Check for any loose connections or short circuits

Check for any connection problems. The terminal between your battery and your tank needs to be clean. You can remove any dust particles and gunk from the vape juice with a cotton bud.

4. Refer to the battery safety leaflet

Take a look at our comprehensive guide to battery safety, which comes with the vape UK kit, so that you don't compromise your battery.

If none of these solutions works, maybe it’s time for you to get a new battery. This is because rechargeable batteries lose their storage capacity over time.

Problem 2# Not getting any draw from the vape device

Here, you can try the following three things.

1. Check the battery

Check that your battery is turned on and has sufficient charge.

2. Check liquid

Make sure you have enough e-liquid in your tank.

3. Check connections

Ensure that the coil and your vape battery are connected in a clean manner.

If none of these work, it may be a sign that the odd coil is a dud - even if it is brand new and properly primed. Sometimes, the cotton becomes too tightly wound within the coil, preventing airflow from passing through and providing the draw you are used to. Replace the coil with a new one and notify us of the faulty coil so that we can replace it for you.

Problem 3# E-liquid leaking from the airflow

There can be many scenarios behind this. Try the following five fixes and see if any works.

1. Know the type - MTL or DTL?

Examine your vaping technique; if your device is intended for Direct-To-Lung vaping, but you are using Mouth-To-Lung vaping, you could be causing the device to overheat.

2. What e-liquid are you using?

Check what e-liquid you’re using. If your coil has a low resistance, it has larger airflow holes and is intended for use with higher VG (thicker) vape juice. If your e-liquid contains too much PG (thinner), then it can end up leaking out of the airflow.

3. Have you recently taken your vape device on a flight?

If you’ve recently taken a flight, the change in air pressure will force your vape juice out of the tank. So, try emptying your tank and refilling with the top vape in the UK to solve this problem.

4. Did you leave it in the sun for too long?

Too much sun exposure can overheat your vape UK kit and make your e-liquid thinner. This will cause it to seep out of the airflow.

5. Try increasing the power

Increase the power setting to vaporise more juice per puff and avoid leakage caused by a flooded coil.

Problem 4# E-liquid leaking from the tank

Here, the most obvious problem is a crack on the rim of the tank itself. So, check that before moving to any of the following four options.

1. Tank must be overfilled

Check that you have not overfilled the tank, which could cause e-liquid to pool in the central tube. A small amount of air in the tank also helps to create a vacuum, which prevents vape juice leakage.

2. Check if the tank is too tight

Check that all of the components are threaded correctly and that they have not been overtightened.

3. Check your O-ring

Take a look at the seals and O-rings within the tank to see if they need to be cleaned or replaced.

4. Do you leave your vape UK kit vertically or horizontally?

Gravity can make the liquid seep out of the airflow if it is kept any other way than vertically. Always store it like a pen on a pen stand.

Problem 5# Getting a burnt flavour in the vape

It is possible that you are taking too many puffs in a row, which means the coil is not getting enough time to wick new liquid through before the next hit. Consider taking a break from your e-cigarette between puffs.

Check to see if your tank has a coil with larger airflow holes to allow more vape juice into the coil. Also, check if the coil needs replacement. Coils do not last forever, and when they do, they can leave an unpleasant burnt taste behind.

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